Electronic Security

Burglar Alarms, Monitoring Systems, CCTV Camera Installation and Lighting

burglar alarm panel

Intrusion Alarm notification, perimeter alarms, motion activated and glass break sensors coupled with live or dispatch ready monitoring of your premises, facility, asset and even church make this a staple security item in your arsenal. Most advisors and security professionals will install door contacts, glass break and motion sensors along with other customized solutions to prevent burglary, unwanted or non desired intrusions, as well as to incorporate a strategic piece in your over all security profile. Alarms and Access controls should be considered together, and it is important to get professional advise and to shop your alarm monitoring rate with OSA or another professional. Ongoing costs of security and monitoring often play a large role in your overall 365 degree security profile and success. Alarm keypads locations, and the use of mobile alarm arming is important in your decision making process. Whether you call it Intrusion, Burglar or Security Alarm; the device setup and location should be discussed with your low voltage specialist, and a coordination with the fire alarm should occur. These are often in the same areas, and wiring pulled to the same head end locations.

CCTV Closed Circuit Television, cameras, and video surveillance are often incorporated as an important part of your security profile. Technology (hardware) updates, software and pricing concerns, coupled with the IoT – Internet of things and desire for a unique user interface; login process and interactive widgets play a huge role in the process. With the competition landscape in the security camera industry , commoditization of the video surveillance camera, (e.g.. strength, durability, lends quality, megapixel, IP options and capabilities; the purchaser is sure to find a wide array of opinion and information available. Quality, price and overall value drive most of these decisions as they do in other electronic security decisions. Consult with your professional, get an expert opinion on need before making any decisions on product integration. Budgeting ahead of time is important. If you plan to utilize Proactive Video Monitoring, and an emergency or 911 dispatch response central station; please consult with us prior to choosing your layouts and final CCTV layout. Pan tilt soon (PTZ) cameras have come in and out of popularity, almost like a fad, and they do have their importance in an actively managed security zone. Especially if there is a security guard on duty, or live monitoring zone that incurs movement, by a motion activated camera.


Access Controls can integrate into your VMS – Video Management Software, and other software. You will see most if not the majority of large video, CCTV , and camera developers utilize all three of these solutions to incorporate an all in one solution approach to electronic security. This is good and bad, and do not fall into the trap of going all in prior to fully vetting out your secure access options. Access control plays a huge role in the security profile for technology and ingress egress of your assets. After all the facility manager, operations director and overall complex management team wish to have systems that are accessible by mobile, utilize fobs, mobile, or key less options while also allowing guest, visitors or scheduled sub contractors to come and go under the super users/admins control. An access control can be placed on a conventional door, vehicular gate access, garage or warehouse, and virtually anywhere a contact, mag lock, or locking device can be electronically programmed or controlled. A card reader, scanner, or otherwise magnetic/electronic or programmable device allows the admin to control where, who and when patrons, or employees might enter a facility. While it is important to secure your perimeter, it is also necessary to allow access to the location, or area.

During our Pandemic of 2019-2021 it might be important to incorporate an EBT, or elevated body temperature device into your lobby, vestibule, or otherwise temporary screening area. OSA can show you more on a product that sets the standard for FLIR technology, very low margin for error, and in a stand along, easy start up process. The EBT device will integrate with your access control, and an SOP – see standard operating procedure should accompany the device administration and follow through. OSA can implement the product turn key, install, configure and train your staff. See the V-1 – OSA reseller agreement and GSA listing link here. (will have to send a link to reseller page)


Consolidation of the application, web portal, IoT or User interface will often become necessary. After you have an assessment, vet out the options with your OSA professional, and coordinate the priority of your needs analysis; we will be working during this entirety to present the best solutions for your team. At OSA we want our clients to have a scalable, and easy to use solution(s).