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OSA hires and retains only those who have proven to be the elite in their field in order to provide custom security solutions that protect your investment, your assets, and residents as if they were our own. We offer security services and security solutions to protect your assets with our pledge that we will complete our work in accordance with the highest industry standards, on time, on budget, by experts ..

Client Reviews

  • OSA has been a great solution to our problem with a Honeywell controller to our maglock system. We had been dealing with a particular issue for a long time and several companies had not been able to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. We called OSA and made an appointment with their project manager, and tech specialist. After we explained the problem, he knew immediately what we were talking about and how to fix it. Finally, I felt that we were all on the same page. We got a quote that was very reasonable. Set a time for OSA to come out and he stayed and worked on it until it was working the way that the system should work. OSA has been very easy to work with. Thank you for a great job!
    Sharon Ams
    Christ Church Birmingham, Church Administrator | Financial Secretary
  • We appreciate the partnership with OSA. Their attention to detail, worldwide experienced advisors, and dedicated staff are unparalleled. I would recommend OSA to any company who wants a solid security solution tailored to their business strategies; backed by the best policy and procedures, software/equipment, and protection for all of your risk or security needs.
    Nick Marino
    Maridan Corporation
  • Marcelo Narvaja - Team Real Estate Management, Director of Operations
    OSA did a great job, very professional, and they cover a lot of ground!
    Marcelo Narvaja
    Team Real Estate Management
    I was very impressed by the thorough evaIuation this company performed for us. It provided a full comprehensive and objective review of our property identifying key factors that can heIp us better manage our asset. I wouId recommend this company to anyone who may need this service.
    Michael Cirillo
  • Herbert M. Newell, III
    We highly recommend OSA to other law firms that need quick and effective investigative, skip-tracing, and process serving capabilities. The expertise that OSA provided our law firm was professional and very thorough.
    Herbert M. Newell, lll
    Newell Associates LLC
  • OSA has been extremely responsible to all contractual terms, and has provided a design build program tailored to our needs!
    Wayne Suttle - Senior Project Superintendent
    Cortland Build
  • OSA is our complete package solution for safety and security needs. They provided us a complete assessment of recommendations, and worked with the vendors on our behalf to execute the scope that aligned with the specific projects and processes needed to provide our residents the safety and security they deserve and expect. OSA even provided last minute on-site security to protect the asset and security measures that had been put in place, and assisted us in setting up off-site camera monitoring security to keep our residents and the asset secure moving forward. Dylan and his team went above and beyond the scope of work, and even followed through with quality assurance on every completed project to ensure the work and processes were completed as promised. The Monroe Group is extremely appreciative of OSA, and the work and services they provide. We highly recommend OSA, and we will definitely be partnering with them again for our upcoming security projects.
    Brian Zugschwert - Operation Manager
    Monroe Group Ltd.
  • Our previous security system crashed on a Friday evening. OSA responded immediately and was able to bring back up our obsolete system. OSA then proceeded in revamping our entire camera, burglar and fire protection systems. Tremendous improvement!
    Billy Silver - National Director
    US Steel Real Estate
  • overwatch security advisors
    It was truly a pleasure working with OSA. Our experience was extremely positive, the guys were really professional and went the extra mile to make sure the end customer was satisfied with the project.
    Phillip Weathers
    Weathers Manufacturing
  • overwatch security advisors
    Overwatch provided such a unique perspective that only a trained professional could visualize and communicate. The report was extensive, comprehensive and absorbable. It yielded immediate needs as well as those that we can work toward in the future as time and funds become available.
    Brody Black
    Providian Real Estate


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