About Overwatch Security Advisors

About Overwatch Security Advisors

We care about your safety.

OSA hires and retains only those who have proven to be the elite in their field in order to provide security solutions that protect your investment, your assets, and residents as if they were our own. We offer expert advice and solutions to protect your assets with our pledge that we will complete our work in accordance with the highest industry standards, on time, on budget, by experts.

Overwatch Security Advisors (OSA) began in 2015, and performed its first assessment for the multifamily industry. We have learned that a common method of analyzing security and safety was utilizing free surveys from vendors. The design and implementation of low-voltage electronic security, security guard services, or perimeter & barrier solutions alone, or without coordination leaves you vulnerable in policy, procedure, or other areas.


The common theme accepted a biased survey for the design and implementation of low-voltage, security guard services, even barrier solutions.

A security assessment service, or threat analysis report can deliver you action-based results and recommendations to improve your comfort level with suggested security solutions, and become the basis for your next steps.. Each solution should weigh the other's benefits, responsibilities and costs; complimenting your overall plan. OSA can assess, oversee, and even install solve your security issues.
At OSA, we are Total Security!