About Us

We care about your safety.

OSA hires and retains only those who have proven to be the elite in their field in order to provide security solutions that protect your investment, your assets, and residents as if they were our own. We offer expert advice and solutions to protect your assets with our pledge that we will complete our work in accordance with the highest industry standards, on time, on budget, by experts.

Overwatch Security Advisors (OSA) was originally born in 2014 out of a need in the multifamily industry; one that started after many years of business development meetings and conversations with real estate/facility owners and top-level executives.


The common theme accepted a biased survey for the design and implementation of low-voltage, security guard services, even barrier solutions.

The challenge is that it almost never considers the total security profile or score for an asset. A security assessment services, or threat analysis report can deliver you action-based results and recommendations to improve your comfort level with suggested security solutions. Each solution should weigh the other's benefits, responsibilities and costs; complimenting your overall plan. OSA can assess, oversee, and install/solve your security issues.
We are Total Security!

Our Expert Employees

John Pruitt

Sr. Advisor
Safety/Risk Mitigation


Reggie Parker

Sr. Advisor
SRO and Assessment Specialist


Sandra Downs

Director of


Greg Brundage

Sr. Advisor
Assessments and Investigations


Mac Hardy

SRO Expert and Assessment Specialist


David Downs

Chief Compliance Officer


Rick Eastering

Chief Accounting Officer


Lexie Myrick

Marketing Advisor


Curt Carpenter

Team Leader
Asset Protection


Collin Davis

Project Manager


David Shellenberger

Sr. Advisor
Government and Special Projects


Rick Rushing

OSA Lighting Specialist