What We Do

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    OSA has a team of former government, military, and local professionals who have more than 100 plus years of combined experience in security, risk and continuity planning. Our assessments and threat analysis, as well as our solutions experts, give your organization a 360 degree security view of your assets, and human capital.

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    We provide detailed design planning, pre drawn scope estimations, and installation/training for all security related solutions. Whether it’s a customized barrier solution, fencing, cctv/ access control system, guard vetting or monitoring solution, our national/regional partnerships and project managers are second to none. OSA can work with your pre-construction team to bid new work or help your rehab or addition become a reality. With our recommendations from many years of utilizing different solutions, or training opportunities, we can ensure your budget holds.

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    At OSA we recommend that our clients utilize an assessment, so that we can take a holistic approach to your unique solutions. Adding technology and systems to monitor both people and things can be expensive. Each location should have more than just the “integrator” make recommendations; OSA will provide you this advice at little cost compared to your budget.

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    Our team of low voltage and project management experts are constantly looking for new solutions to solve challenges and to maintain our expertise. We will coordinate all of your solutions, install, oversee, and train your team in a turnkey fashion. Have an IoT, IT department or experts on staff, no problem. OSA will work with and augment your current solutions and security teams; we have been working in team environments since the beginning.

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    The low voltage team has many years of experience in reading, understanding, and competitively bidding the security solutions, with ownership, electrical engineering, or as early as architectural review. Please bring us in early so we might help advise you.

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    Our experienced group of former special forces, state/local and federal law enforcement S.W.A.T teams can lead your organization in threat analysis, assessments for schools (SRO experts), for your local government, and special events. Please call on us to be sure you have considered all aspects and resources.

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    OSA investigations and process serving can provide your firm with the follow up you need, delivery expectations you have set, and single - paid systems where we ensure best results. Our process services utilize former law enforcement and investigators.

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    In summary we are Total Security.