Burglar Alarms, Instrusion Monitoring and more

burglar alarm panel

Intrusion Alarm notification, perimeter alarms, motion activated and glass break sensors coupled with live or dispatch ready monitoring of your premises, facility, asset and even church make this a staple security item in your arsenal. Most advisors and security professionals will install door contacts, glass break and motion sensors along with other customized solutions to prevent burglary, unwanted or non desired intrusions, as well as to incorporate a strategic piece in your over all security profile. Alarms and Access controls should be considered together, and it is important to get professional advise and to shop your alarm monitoring rate with OSA or another professional. Ongoing costs of security and monitoring often play a large role in your overall 365 degree security profile and success. Alarm keypads locations, and the use of mobile alarm arming is important in your decision making process. Whether you call it Intrusion, Burglar or Security Alarm; the device setup and location should be discussed with your low voltage specialist, and a coordination with the fire alarm should occur. These are often in the same areas, and wiring pulled to the same head end locations.