Perimeter Physical Barriers

Perimeter Physical Barriers, Fences, Parking Decks, and Access

Perimeter Physical Barriers


OSA customized blue guard house multifamily.

Fences and gates, physical barriers, and perimeter-security in addition to access controls can be a vital part of a successful security profile. In fact directing the flow of traffic through secure vehicular gates; interpreting predictive resident, employee and human behavioral data can all together prevent intrusions, or other criminal activities, perhaps even save lives. An access control, perimeter security measure, and access controlled swing, rising or slide gate integrated with an ornamental steel fence can provide a multifamily site, or commercial location a world of good.

Parking Decks | Garages and Access

parking deck lift gate with no vehicle

The typical design and installation for parking decks, guard houses and lift gates are a great way to maximize revenue sharing opportunities with your security partners. Employees, residents and patrons to your mixed use development, commercial retail, or student housing assets will be glad their vehicles are secure. As an owner you have a responsibility, and liability to ensure everyone is safe. Understanding the dynamics around parking, vehicular access, guards on duty – part time or full, is worth assessing prior to making such a great investment.

Fencing can come in all different shapes, heights, and materials. Ornamental steel, hollow or solid and very rigid are common commercial, government sector and multifamily solutions. Chain link, with or with out vinyl can supplement many designs by providing a lower cost solution for long runs of mainly industrial, or areas of less visual concern to the client. When budgeting and designing the right security fence design, rigidity, value vs price, and longevity all must be considered. Having a great look, and secure design is possible within your budget if you vet out the options and choose the right partner.

Hydraulics, pneumatic devices, and lifting anti ram barriers and guard houses all belong on the list for customizations for government facilities, military bases, and other more secure ready locations. OSA can dedicate specialists who have not only run these type facilities, they have also overseen the maintenance and implementation of such solutions. Use of long range readers with access control credentials or even custom made guard houses with ballistic rated protection can be customized for your secure entrance location and perimeter needs.

Considering which access control you will use, the software and user interface, along with the telephone entry or dial pad or key pad for an operator are all things that must be vetted by professionals. Coming up short on cabling conduit, cutting or boring asphalt or concrete can be costly. It is also crucial to work with the correct public safety experts, or municipalities which have varying degrees of need for permitting and licensing. Employees, residents, and retail patrons will expect limited delays, and an easy experience. Timing, troubleshooting and maintenance after the fact with the right service partner is as important as who installs your perimeter and gate solutions.