Risk Assessment & Threat Analysis

Security Assessments, Risk Mitigation & Continuity Planning,
Standard Operating Procedure, Design and Preconstruction

OSA has a team of former government, military, and local professionals who have more than 125 plus years of combined experience in security, risk and continuity planning. Our assessments and threat analysis, as well as our solutions experts, give your organization a 360 degree security view of your assets, and human capital.

security assessment and risk analysis

Security Assessments

At OSA we recommend that our clients utilize an assessment, so that we can take a holistic approach to your unique solutions. Adding technology and systems to monitor both people and things can be expensive. Each location should have more than just the “integrator” or “guard service” company make free recommendations; OSA will provide you this advice at little cost compared to your overall security budget; and likely trim off the excessive current or planned fat.

Give us a try; we think you will be impressed. Our report writers, collaboration with your team, and security experts are second to none! In fact, we often have the unique benefit of choosing our clients during their vetting to choose us. Security planning and design is as important as choosing your long-term partners for any other vertical. Having an assessment done at your property location, facility, land or even event can have astounding effects in the long run on your security planning. While most would like to wait for their security or risk and safety assessments to be a retroactive need, its common across many industries to do this annually, or even more frequently. An assessment can track local issues, changes, and dynamics that you might not currently be aware of. It might also challenge the current solutions that are in place, lower your budget and put more money in your pocket for operations. OSA can perform an industries best practice and provide you with actionable data and none of the fluff. We are Total Security and Risk advisors.

Risk Mitigation & Continuity Planning

Safety and Risk are at the forefront of our intent and design capabilities for our valued clientele. We only assess with the fullest intent to make your assets, human capital, and patrons safe. In fact we often do charitable risk analysis and planning for communities to serve our communities. Security as a Service is impactful and resonates with most of our clients; taking the risk and safety planning to the next level is a differentiator for OSA; in fact, our continuity experts, trained in real life scenarios (9-11, Las Vegas MGM, and other past DOJ activities) and corporate policy and procedure, see above. Having a continuity plan to keep your business running smoothly, handle the press, direct traffic, understand a pandemic, are all of vital importance. Large corporations have suffered tremendous loss by not fully understanding, practicing, and tweaking good policy.

Standard Operating Procedure

An SOP (or standard operating procedure) is a set of clear, written directions for how to complete complex routine tasks. Processes look at a task from a high level – moving through the general ways to do something. Meanwhile, SOPs take the same high-level look as processes and then dives into its nitty-gritty details. For example, an SOP will explicitly answer the questions who, where, when, what and how. While a process might only answer hint at some of these. Processes leave space for interpretation and experimentation. This is great when it comes to innovation, but not so great if you need a predictable outcome. With a process, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results every time. But a well- written SOP will always get you the same results (note that we said will). That is because by including all the nitty-gritty details, SOPs remove all the wildcards, leaving nothing up to chance.

  1. Standardize your best practices, put your security protocols in writing.
  2. Capture you corporate, or department culture of secure, risk or operations.
  3. Keep things fluid, and consistent, remember these are working documents.

Design and Preconstruction

The low voltage team has many years of experience in reading, understanding, and competitively bidding the security solutions, with ownership, electrical engineering, or as early as architectural design review. Please bring us in early so we might help advise you. Our team of low voltage, structured cabling, electronic security, and project management experts are constantly looking for new solutions to solve challenges and to maintain our expertise. We will coordinate all your solutions, install, oversee, and train your team in a turnkey fashion. Have an IoT, IT department or experts on staff, no problem. OSA will work with and augment your current solutions and security teams; we have been working in team environments since the beginning.

Threat Analysis, Event Planning and Private Detail

Our experienced group of former special forces, state/local and federal law enforcement S.W.A.T teams can lead your organization in threat analysis, assessments for schools (SRO experts), for your local government, and special events. Please call on us to be sure you have considered all aspects and resources.

Environmental, Physical

Please see more information on CPTED https://www.cpted.net/ & Environmental design! Get certified or speak to our advisors about the process.

Table Top Training and Exercises

OSA focuses on total security, a non-biased approach to solutions, and customizes your solutions with training and future education in mind – long term planning. This might even consist of our group running or setting up awareness courses, shoot courses/classes with one of our many partners, or employee/resident attended seminars. OSA will oversee and provide security services for your events, whether they are private, or government driven. We employee former government and military experts and can deploy endless resources at temporary security solutions.