Who We Serve

Pre Construction and Installation

OSA works with your development and planning team to lay the proper groundwork for the inclusion of security measures before construction begins and oversees the installation and proper cabling for all infrastructure that is needed. This results in a lower long-term cost and more complete security profile rather than a retroactive approach.

Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and forklift


Industrial assets such as factories and warehouses often exist in less populated areas, making them vulnerable to intrusions, theft, or worse. OSA has the expertise to investigate these sites and offer solutions to deter threats to the property.


OSA came into existence from several years of experience in the multi-family environment. Owners and operators certainly were aware of security needs to protect residents and make them feel safe; but often overlooked deficiencies “hiding in plain sight.” OSA knows what to look for and how to implement solutions correcting those deficiencies, and we generally start with a low-cost security and risk assessment to lay the proper groundwork and understand each community.


OSA’s team has 100 plus years of experience in federal, state, and local government security and risk/continuity planning. OSA knows the government/state contracting process and the various aspects of government security needs. OSA works in tandem with existing agency/law enforcement, contracting, and construction departments to fulfill needs of government entities such as office space, schools, and federal branch offices.

golf course

Golf Courses/Recreational Facilities

Country clubs and golf courses evoke thoughts of recreational and stress-free activities. Management companies strive to keep security problems as far away as possible from those activities for both safety and financial reasons. OSA not only deals in security and safety, it also understands and values discretion. OSA’s commitment to that goal allows your asset to function normally without interfering with your customers’ lives and pastimes.


Places of Worship

Unfortunately, today’s environment requires even places of worship to address the safety of their parishioners. OSA has experience in such environments and knows how to address security needs within the context of a religious community.