Curt Carpenter

Curt is a 34-year veteran of law enforcement. He has worked in almost all aspects of police work (Patrol, Investigations, Motorcycle Unit, SWAT, DT Instructor, Chemical Weapons Instructor, and Firearms Instructor). Curt is currently a Training Coordinator for a 160-Officer police department. Curt was the senior team leader on his PD’s SWAT Unit and has served as unit training coordinator, lead tactics instructor, and entry element leader.

Curt is also a retired E7 from the Army National Guard (24 years). Curtis retired from the Hoover Police Department in 2018, and also runs Lighthorse Tactical, Inc. Curt was the ATOA acting president, and remains a largely involved in their training, development, and planning for new and seasoned officers. Curt likes to take trips with his wife Lydia, post cool pics of his cat Buck, give back to his church and mentor those who are willing to listen.