David Shellenberger

Dave is a 27-year FBI Veteran and as an OSA Sr. Advisor – Government and Special Projects, he brings over 30 years of extensive background in high risk decision making in complex environments. Proven ability to transform vision and strategy into operational reality in the private sector; and demonstrated capabilities in developing both people and training programs. Experienced in leading teams to successful outcomes in Public, Private and Government Sectors. Expertise in Leadership, Risk Mitigation, Due Diligence, strategic operations, state of the art security, financial and kidnapping crimes, international fraud, and domestic terrorism. Exceptional leadership ability, interpersonal skills, sound judgment, strong oral and written communication skills. Noteworthy achievements include:

  • Major Crisis Planning and Management
  • Designing Business Processes
  • Budgeting/Planning/Forecasting
  • Managing Task Forces and Teams – FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader
  • Liaison for High Profile Individuals and Heads of State
  • Briefing High Level Government Officials
  • Coordinating Multi-Jurisdictional Major Cases
  • Establishing Threat Based Priorities
  • Able to quickly turnaround decision making cycle in crisis situations
  • Maintains a Top Secret Clearance